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syringa laser tag randburg.JPG

How Lasertag Works 

Lasertag is a made up simulation game that uses infrared beams that shoot out of the lasertag taggers {guns}. The beam is like that of a TV remote and is completely harmless which makes it an ideal activity for all ages. The taggers have sensors on them that pick up these beams and relays information back and forth which is how you know if you have been shot or if you have shot someone else and once the round is over the taggers calculate which team has won. 

Once your group arrives we will split you into two teams, Red and Blue. You can choose the teams yourself ahead of time. Each team will go to their assigned Base on the field. Once the game starts the players will try eliminate the opposing team players by aiming at and shooting at their weapon. 

Depending on the game mode at play, if you get 'shot' and you are eliminated you can go back to your base to respawn via our Respawn station. At the end of the round, the team with the most kills wins. 

Different game modes include team deathmatch, last man standing, free-for all and more. We also do night games for those wanting a different laser tag experience. Hunt down the enemy under the cover of darkness in our advanced outdoor arena!

The length of each round can vary from 10min to 20min depending on the game mode at play. 


In between the rounds you are welcome to take a break to grab some refreshments and snacks, we have tables and chairs in each party area where you can set up. We suggest to do birthday cakes and main meals (if applicable) after your game session to allow easy transitioning between bookings and to ensure that you get the most out of your time allocation. 


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syringa laser tag randburg.JPG

Our Lasertag Equipment

Our Razorback Rifle taggers are rugged, compact and lightweight. Equipped with the best software and hardware these taggers are ideal for both outdoor and indoor lasertag games. 

Our advanced lasertag equipment and headbands gives you a realistic combat simulation that tracks your scores and killstreaks. The taggers allow you to reload your ammo and their built in speakers mimic realistic gun sounds when shooting and reloading your ammo. The built in speakers talk to you during your game and will let you know when you have eliminated the enemy or when you have been hit.  Our respawn boxes are located at each squads base. They allow players to regenerate their health once they have been eliminated. 

After the game you can check on your taggers screen to see which team has won the round as well as your individual player statistics. Real time gameplay can be viewed from the monitor at the party area so you can be part of the action and root for your squad from the sidelines of the field. 

syringa laser tag equipment randburg.JPG
syringa laser tag randburg.JPG
syringa laser tag equipment randburg.JPG

Things to know for your event...

We are only at the arena when we have bookings, so bookings are essential. Saturdays and Sundays are our busiest days so please phone us in advance to ensure you get your preferred day and time. 

Although our party areas are exclusive use for the duration of your session, we do take bookings on the hour, every hour so sometimes on busier days we rotate groups on and off the field. For example your group will play a 10min round, when you come off the field to take a break, the other team will have their 10min round etc. You will still get your minimum amount of rounds per session.

  • We have a big undercover areas with picnic benches and tables where you can set up for your party. Please note we allow a 30min set up time before your booked slot. 

  • You are welcome to bring your own snacks & refreshments, birthday cake etc. 

  • Please wear closed shoes/ takkies.  

  • On sunny days please bring with your sunscreen. 

We do not require a deposit for your lasertag event and we do not charge a cancellation fee. When making changes to your booking, doing so in advance of your booking date would be appreciated. 


You can pay cash, card or do an EFT on the day. This is preferred as your numbers might change slightly.  

If you wish to order catering via Syringa Cafe` please contact them directly to discuss your preferences and to place your orders. Payments for catering are done directly with the Syringa Cafe`. 

syringa laser tag randburg.JPG
syringa laser tag party area randburg.JPG
syringa laser tag randburg.JPG
syringa laser tag randburg.JPG
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